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Attendees at a Creative Kick artist meetup take in a presentation

About the Creative Kick

If you're looking for artist meetups in Halifax, the Creative Kick is for you! Formally the 'East Coast Creative Collective', we bring monthly events specifically for commercial and visual artists.

Our mission is to inspire the creatively driven, and we believe mixing different disciplines in a social setting is key to this.

Our Artist Meetups

When you arrive, you'll be asked to sign in and give $4 towards the running costs of the Creative Kick. There's no assigned seating, just creative people socializing with each other.

Some people like to show projects they're working on (we encourage bringing your sketchbook or laptop!). Some like to talk about a their favourite podcast. Others are looking to give or receive advice in a particular field. Just know that conversation is going to happen around you - we aint no study hall. You can see upcoming meetups and other events here.

Who Attends?

  • Commercial artists such as designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers and animators.
  • Visual artists such as comic and zine artists, painters, and doodlers.
  • Freelancers, commission artists and those that just love to create.
  • Professionals, students, and the self-taught.
  • Introverts, extroverts and in-betweenies.
  • Anyone 19+: you are never 'too old' to come to the Creative Kick.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Being inspired by those around you is an instant artist-block remedy.
  • Expanding your artist social circles creates new opportunities.
  • You've got your choice of people to bounce ideas off of.
  • People are ready to help you with a sticky client or project situation.
  • Nerding out about favourite podcasts and movies is encouraged.
  • Following people on social media is fine, but getting to know Nova Scotia's talent in person is totally a billion times better!

Our Organizers

Headhshot of Creative Kick founder, Alison K

Alison K,

Alison saw a gap of community for Halifax's commercial and visual artists and aimed to do something about it! She is a web and brand design consultant, and also draws themes around sexuality as Drawstrange.

Headshot of Duane Jones, Co-Collaborator of the Creative Kick

Duane Jones,

Duane partners with the Kick for special events such as live tapings of his podcast Art Pays Me and panel discussions. He is an experienced Graphic Designer and Artist, keenly interested in empowering artists of all disciplines to recognize their value.

Headshot of Shannon Ellis, Co-Organizer of the Creative Kick

Shannon Ellis,

Shannon is known for her warm welcomes to those new to the Kick. She is a photographer and painter, with a special interest in painting themes of sci-fi and fantasy into existing paintings she finds at second hand stores.

Our Rules & Code of Conduct

Stay only as long as you want: most events are ~4 hours long. Stay the whole time or just stop by for a bit. No pressure; we know group settings can get overwhelming. Remember that everyone in the room is just like you. They are artists that want to connect with others in a friendly way.

Mingling is the point: this is your chance to get to know others, which happens through conversation. Bring something to work on, but be prepared to interact. If you're feeling especially shy, find Alison or Shannon. We encourage moving around the room to talk to different folk - make the most of your time at the Creative Kick!

No soliciting: come to be a part of our community, not sell to it. If you have something great to share with the attendees of the Creative Kick, consider sponsoring one of our events.

No jerks: the Creative Kick is a welcoming place where everyone works to foster an environment free of discrimination, hate, art-star ego and general jerk-like behavior. Those that do not adhere to this rule they should have learned in Kindergarten will be asked to leave.