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Artist Talks For The Creatively Driven

The Creative Kick understands that sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration from local artist talks. Creative folx generously donate their time to inspire attendees with words of wisdom and experience. Our interdisciplinary topics cover business tips, creative process, work/life balance, and mental health. If it's important to commercial and visual artists, it's important to us.

Kate Phillips Video intro (1020 × 418 px)

"Full Circle" a creative conversation with illustrator & designer Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips chats about her own art practice in illustration and design, growing along with clients, and why the more casual side of her business works well for her. She also touches on giving an honest self-critique, without completely giving in to imposter syndrome. Get the scoop on:

  • Navigating the years after art school.
  • Transferring skills.
  • Growing and learning as an artist.
Headhsots of 5 panelists with text below reading "Offering Creative Services"

Offering Creative Services: a panel discussion with Nova Scotian commercial artists

Attention all photographers, designers, videographers, animators, illustrators and others who offer a creative service! We asked five business owners in a variety of disciplines to cover topics such as:

  • How to find clients.
  • What it's like to pivot from offering a service to passive income.
  • Niching down or remaining broad.
  • Trying to get that elusive work/life, especially when doing everything yourself.
headshots of 6 panelists lined up against a red summer grass background. Text below reads "Selling Your Work Online"

Selling Your Work Online: a panel discussion with Nova Scotian visual artists & makers

Thinking about selling your artwork or creations? Or, been selling for a while and want new insights and tips to grow your audience and sales? We asked six experienced creators in a variety of disciples to sit down and dish out the details on topics such as:

  • Which platforms are best for certain kinds of art.
  • How to market/promote yourself, especially beyond social media.
  • Shipping, commissions, and wholesale.
  • Successes and bumps in the road along the journey.
Collage of art and crafts

Local Artist Interviews: Sunday Stories

In the winter of 2020/21, we went live on Instagram to talk to artists across Nova Scotia. We asked them how their practice has changed since the pandemic. As well as what gets their creative juices flowing and why they do what they do.

We interview designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, crafters, painters... you name it! There is sure to be a story or experience that will resonate with you.

Four lightbulbs at various stages of being on. One is burnt out and smoking

Creativity During the Pandemic Panel

On May 21, 2020, the Creative Kick invited four commercial artists to talk candidly about struggling as a creative during the pandemic.

The conversation had panelists opening up about going through the first wave. Mixed in were moments of reflection, laughter and insight any artist will find inspiring during hard times.