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Headhsots of 5 panelists with text below reading "Offering Creative Services"

Offering Creative Services: a panel discussion with Nova Scotian commercial artists

Five creative business owners open up about the ins and outs of offering services.

Attention all photographers, designers, videographers, animators, illustrators and others who offer a creative service!

The Creative Kick has asked five business owners in a variety of disciplines to sit down and dish out the details around being a creative worker. We'll cover topics such as:

  • How to find clients.
  • What it's like to pivot from offering a service to passive income.
  • Niching down or remaining broad.
  • Trying to get that elusive work/life, especially when doing everything yourself.

No matter if you've been selling your services for a while, or are just considering taking the leap... this panel is for you!

Our awesome panelists

Amy Eaton: Photographer & Educator at, Co-Founder & CEO of

Derrek Ord: Video Strategist, Owner of Even Flow Media

Lore Comeau: Interdisciplinary Artist at Modern Lorefolk

Marven Nelligan: CEO & Director of Marvelous Design, Founder & Chair at Make a Dream Endure Organization

Stacey Fredericks: Owner/Graphic Designer at Design With Waypoint

Moderated by Alison K: web + brand consultant, artist, founder of the Creative Kick

Q&A session lead by Shannon Ellis: visual artist, founder of the Creative Kick