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“Design for TV Development” with Rafael Ziah Franco Recap

What is the intersection of design and show pitches? Rafael Ziah Franco had a lot to say about this. On April 23rd, more than 30 animators, designers, drawers and the curious took in his talk.
Rafael is a Colombia-born filmmaker, photographer, television director and avid traveller, living and working in Halifax.
“Design for TV Development” started with the origins of common screen elements. Then, how these standards have evolved into today’s online media.  Finally, he walked through all the elements of a Show Bible. Which happens to be similar to Brand Standards guide used in branding. Through out the presentation, Rafael encouraged attendees to share their experiences. It was very engaging, and some insights very surprising!
During Q&A, someone asked about how they could apply his information to pitching music videos. Another asked about what to expect once a pitch is received. Other attendees commented that while they were not in TV or design, much of what Rafael still rang true. Such as how any artist can show concepts to potential clients, galleries or the public.
Following Q&A, many animators and writers bent Rafael’s ear to show him projects they were working on. Others asked advice on how to better pitch ideas they had in the making. 
E3C wishes to thank Rafael for taking the time to talk to us. We look forward to hearing the progress of many projects brought to our attention that night.

Photos by Shannon Dawn Ellis.