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Our Founder's Statement

Halifax has amazing, talented visual artists. There is also a serious gap to serve and support them. Especially for those in commercial arts such as design, photography, illustration, animation and video.

We have wonderful schools that teach the essentials. Then we release graduates into the wild and shake our heads when they struggle to survive. We encourage people to nurture their blossoming talent. But we only take them seriously “if they make a living at it”. We have wonderful technology that allows us to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. Yet our artists are more lonely and frustrated than ever. They are disconnected and distracted from the creative community at their doorstep.

I want these folk to stay in Halifax and feel supported. I want them to support and mentor others so our community can grow. I want them to make the best art they can, push their own boundaries and thrive, god dammit!

In 2012 I decided to be the change I wanted in the world. I knew that if I could get all these disciplines in one room, magic would happen. Not the sort of magic that wins large grants, makes headlines or moves mountains. I’m talking about the kind of magic that can only happen when you engage with people face to face.

Like when two introverted strangers discover they share a deep appreciation for certain kinds of pens. Or when a seasoned designer helps a student who’s been struggling with their first client. Or when a videographer and motion graphics artist meet and instantly know they will make many great projects together.

If you can get people sharing their experiences with one another, invested in each other... you can in fact move mountains.

The mandate of the Creative Kick is to inspire the creatively driven. When someone's inspired, they feel supported to further their career. Hone their talent. Find new opportunities. Take risks. And pass on their experience to others.

I believe creativity deserves company.

It is my vow is to create space where our artists feel exited to congregate, and let magic happen.

--Alison K.
Dec 20, 2019