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Know Your Worth: Communication Strategies for Dealing with Clients From Hell

Clients from Hell. Well all have them. Sometimes, they can wear us down, make us second guess our creative abilities, or just get us angry!

As the editor in chief of Clients From Hell, Kyle Carpenter knows your pain. For years now he has read every story about stiffed payments, unreasonable demands, sexist clients and requests for Comic Sans submitted to . He knows how bad it can get out there, and he feels for each and every one of you creative workers dealing with bad clients.

At our March 2019 meetup, Kyle hung out with us at Hop Yard Halifax to offer some sage advice.

Kyle went go over some of his “favourite” stories from the Clients From Hell archives and discuss strategies for how to deal with troublesome clients, or even avoid them entirely. Laugh, cry, commiserate… then strategize.

Then, he opened up the floor for not so much a Q&A, but a round-table discussion. People were encouraged to ask for advice on a particular client woe they had or were dealing with. Then, other attendees were welcomed to chime in and offer their experience and tactics. Some questions that were covered included:

  • When you need to raise your rates, how do you communicate that to long term clients?
  • Hourly or flat rates: how to determine what works best for you
  • What are some key items needed in contracts?

Speaker Bio
Kyle Carpenter is an award-winning writer, content manager, and the editor in chief of Clients From Hell. He’s also a swell guy who recently moved to Halifax and can’t wait to meet you. Come hang out and share your war stories with him! Trust us, though – he’s heard them all.