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“MOD Lewis: Lessons From Making Like Maudie” with Andrew Burke

On November 26, Andrew Burke gave a talk entitled “MOD Lewis: Lessons From Making Like Maudie”.

Andrew Burke is a Halifax-based independent software developer, trainer, speaker, digital artist, and occasional entrepreneur. He spends a lot of time hanging out at the crossroads of technology and the arts. He’s also the creator of Starshipsstarhere, a one page website riff on the “Ships Start Here” campaign back in 2011, but has since gotten way out of hand. The site now features over 500 images, all mixing iconic science fiction imagery with equally iconic scenery from Halifax and around Nova Scotia. It has made Andrew Burke slightly “halifamous” and he sells posters, t-shirts, and calendars at events like Hal-Con.

Andrew covered his own journey of tinkering with Pixelator, which ultimately opened the doors for him to add “artist” to the list of things he identifies as. Then he covered how he transitioned from just offering works from Star Ships Start Here online to actually tabling at conventions. After making so many photo mashups, Andrew turned his attention to folk art. It started as a bit of a joke: making science-fictional versions of Maud Lewis paintings – but Andrew Burke of Star Ships Start Here quickly discovered new respect for and real inspiration from this iconic Nova Scotian folk artist.